American Truck Showrooms in Gulfport welcomes 2013 Peterbilt 579’s to the program inventory.

American Trucks Strives to provide variety of sleeper commercial trucks to suit driver needs. Welcoming the newest body style to inventory, Peterbilt has remained a high demand truck throughout time.
Peterbilt trucks have been a favorite of American Trucks since the beginning. American Trucks has purchased several models and have developed expertise knowledge on care and reconditioning of these pre-owned commercial trucks. Carrying the box-nosed tough body style of the past and the horsepower and luxury of the present,the classic body style of the 379 can catch any truck driver’s eye, but the cost of ownership can be a challenge with the dated engine and increasing mileage. Regardless of this, ATS still offers 2005-2007 379’s and some 389’s, some equipped with refrigerators and APU’s, as program trucks today. The 50/50 Nationwide Unlimited mileage protection offered at ATS helps make maintaining this model manageable.

The Peterbilt 387’s took over inventory popularity for a hot minute at American Trucks, back in 2013 when the Atlanta branch was first opening.They sold like hotcakes and American Truck Showrooms welcomed a lot of happy customers then who are paying that rig off this year. 388’s and 386’s came in also. Most equipped with Cummins 13liter engines and 13 speed transmissions. 388’s kept the box nosed look while the 386’s added some aerodynamic curves to the hood. Shortly after, 587’s were the latest model to be available. This was the newest body style by Peterbilt stocked by American Trucks until recently. Now with our latest addition, we are happy to announce we have 579’s.

Choices are good.

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