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Our Shops

Our 16 bay garage on the Gulf Coast and our 8 bay garage in Newnan are turning wrenches 6 days a week. We have the ability to DOT ready any truck and refurbish as necessary. We put you in an easy position to maintain your rig with our 50/50 plan.


Our Dealerships

We do more than just sell you the truck that you have been looking for. Our dealership has a fully staffed Insurance and Compliance department. We make sure our renters are taken care of and their trucks.

Our dealership

Other Amenities

There is more to love about our company. We have an on-site parts warehouse, chrome shop, truck wash, paint & body shop for unique needs and customizations.

American Dream Program

Our program allows truckers who have been turned away by banks and other lending institutions to get back on the road by providing them trucks; allowing a fresh start while also bolstering stronger local, regional, and national economies.We help the American truck driver provide the backbone to the American economy by giving them exceptional service and offering a comprehensive program that allows the opportunity to climb back into the driver’s seat.

Our “Rental Contract with Purchase Option” program has been going strong for over a decade and has given hundreds a chance to rebuild their trucking business when no one else would give them a chance.

The program has worked so well we opened our new state-of-the-art facility to better serve our current customers and position ourselves for a future of serving more. We are continuously training and refining our support team to ensure the customer has the best experience. We invite you to work with us to get you back in the driver’s seat.

Our American Truck Showrooms website invites customers to view the latest inventory at any of our locations across the U.S.
Atlanta Showrooms Inventory
Gulf Coast Showrooms Inventory
Phoenix Showrooms Inventory

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Exclusive benefits

for American Dream Program customers

Ask other dealers if they will do this for you…
Everything we say,…We do!!!! We put & give you in writing

  2. Receive a 50% Off Parts and Labor Service Plan in our shops with a labor rate capped at $49.50/hour, no fees added for shop supplies or environmental fees (which could save you $500 per invoice)….WE DO!!!
  3. Allow you the option to make payments on your 48 state IRP plates and your 2290…. WE DO!!!
  4. Unless you are logging or are offroad, allow you to lease-on with whoever you want or open your OWN trucking company…WE DO!!!
  5. Allow you to return the truck at any time….WE DO!!!
  6. Provide you with a towing plan for up to 500 miles if your truck breaks down…..WE DO!!!
  7. Offer a DPF warranty….WE DO!!!
  8. Allow you to buy out after one year with no penalty….
    WE DO!!!
  9. Ability to expand the number of trucks you want to add to your fleet….WE DO!!!
  10. If your truck is in our shop 8hrs or longer, your truck payment is waived….WE DO!!!
  11. Provide a replacement vehicle at no cost when your truck is deemed a total loss for that time….WE DO!!!
  12. Provide free access to a full-service, in-house Compliance and /insurance department to assist you…
    WE DO!!!
  13. Assist you in getting discounted parts pricing and labor rates, nationwide?…WE DO!!!
  14. Offer a program that may allow you to write off 100% of your truck payments……WE DO!!!
  15. Call a dedicated Service Tech Line when you are having truck problems…WE DO!!!

Everyday we’re making our Program Better.