We have built our new facility with an eye on tomorrow by stressing conservation and eco-friendliness in our operations.

Retention Pond

Closed-water System Truck Wash

Our retention pond next to our truck wash is recycled, purified water that just hours before was blasting grime off of weary trucks.
Using a closed-water system, the water drains from the truck wash, is filtered through the aqua-lung, and empties into our retention pond.
After a hi-tech purification process, the water is rendered safe enough to drink!
The closed-water system prevents the escape of the water into the local waterways.

LED lit facility

Lowering our energy use

Our company has developed our own LED light panels which are used extensively through our grounds, inside and out. Savings now in energy costs are underscored by the diminshed impact we are placing on the environment.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Paper, aluminum and rubber!

At our facilities, we have an active recycling program. We also offer quality retreaded tires at low prices.