How to get a semi truck with NO Credit Required

no credit check commercial truck

No Credit Check – Guaranteed Approval

The Guaranteed Approval opens a door to get in a truck without having your credit record involved.
Bad Credit? No Credit? Over-Extended Credit? No worries. Don’t let that stop you from having what you need to succeed.
Do you have what it takes to get approved? Find out here

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Make a Down Payment

Plus state tax* based on the truck of your choice will be required.
We take trade-ins of trucks, cars, boats, and motorcycles.

After the first 12 months you can purchase your truck out at the cost of the truck minus the depreciation and the down payment that you paid.  If you go the full rental term, you will own the truck.


Finalize in Closing & Delivery

A closing fee* is collected at the time you sign your rental agreement. We encourage you to test drive your truck and to inspect it.  Every truck is DOT ready or we will fix it for free before you sign off on it and leave. 
WE DON’T CHARGE YOU LIKE OTHER DEALERS DO.  After you leave with your new truck you will receive nation-wide bumper-to-bumper protection. 50/50 Nationwide Unlimited Mileage Better Than A Warranty ensures you stay rolling no matter where your at. If you’re on the road and 1,000 miles away from home, you are not alone. Someone is here at our facility to help you every step of the way making sure you get huge discounts on parts and labor.

the best commercial truck warranty

Trucker Super Saver (TSS) is the program that defers payments when your truck is being repaired. 
HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A TRUCK DEALER DOING THIS?  Other dealers may warranty a truck, but there is a large warranty deductible per item of repair and the warranties are only good for so many miles.  At American Truck Showrooms, you are covered regardless of how many miles you run. 

48 State IRP Plate
This makes it much easier for you to pull loads!  It also makes you more independent.  The haul companies would love you to be locked or indebted to them: they don’t want you and your money to leave them.  It’s important for you to be as independent as you can, so your options and future is wide open.  Here at American Truck Group, LLC we help our customers make this happen everyday.

The best thing is that all payments, fees, gas, and tools are 100% tax deductible.

*state sales tax applies

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