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Gulf Coast Truck Dealership
As a Heavy Duty Truck Dealer that offers not only cash truck sales but also an exclusive Rent to Buy Program, we carry the weight of keeping these trucks rolling. When we began this program, it helped so many drivers make the transition to Owner-operators.

Gulf Coast Truck Garage

Becoming an owner-operator from a driver is quite the transformation. To be your own boss, the responsibilities of running your own business may be overwhelming. Your most important asset is your truck, and keeping it on the road means a lot of maintenance, being prepared for repairs, and doing pretrip inspections like you were flying a plane (because quite honestly, it is just as serious).

Gulf Coast Truck Service

The costs of insurance, DOT, 2290 heavy duty road taxes, IFTA, mileage reporting, fuel, your truck payment, and unexpected repairs can get overwhelming without a solid plan. This company knows what a challenge this can be to guy who just started to feel comfortable in his CDL shoes. These are the reasons most people drive for “the man” instead of themselves. This is also what makes our program great. We help you get on your feet in more ways than providing a truck. We assist with these things you are generally on your own with. This is your turning point to reach success.

Atlanta Truck Dealership

This is why our dedication to truckers has paid off. The Gulfport, Ms location off I10 East has provided truck sales and services for over 20 years. In 2013 the Atlanta dealership opened its doors, extending our services to the east coast giving customers in this region more resources when encountering needs for repair. With the expansion of our radius to serve, so comes the much needed benefits of the 50/50 Nationwide Unlimited Mileage Better Than A Warranty.


Although this was a step in the right direction, the west held a large portion of our clientele and needed a way to profit from the 50/50 Nationwide Unlimited Mileage Better Than A Warranty as well. So we made the leap to Phoenix, Arizona in 2014. This move spread our resources across the US to aid in service and repairs.

Phoenix truck Dealership

If someone is willing to meet you halfway, the question is can you go the extra miles to get there.
With a No Credit Check – Guaranteed Approval* to get you past your past, the passage opens to obtain a truck and work toward ownership.
There is no time like today to BE YOUR OWN BOSS.


*limitations and restrictions may apply

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